• Renaissance Lute kit

Build your own lute - 8 Course Lute kit - Renaissance Lute kit- This lute kit is for those who want to build their own Lute. 8 Course Lute kit - Renaissance Lute kit is made on the Hans Frei principle of construction of solid Rosewood staves, neck, end cap, peg box and pegs. The soundboard is made out of Spruce with thickness of less then 2mm.

1) Bowl width 31.5cm
2) Bowl height/depth 15.5cm
3) Peg box length 27cm
4) Fret board 9cm wide from bowl going to Nut at 7cm
5) Neck
6) Neck screw
7) Bridge with holes drilled at 5mm space between each other (If you want holes not drilled then let us know)
8) Nut without groves
9) String All nylon.
10) Frets Nylon & wooden, 1st 1mm - 2nd & 3rd .9mm - 4th, 5th & 6th .8mm - 7th, 8th & 9th .7mm - 4 wooden frets on same ratio.
11) Soundboard with rosette
12) Internal sticks for soundboard
13) Weight 1.50 kg

(Wholesale price US $ 175 - minimum order 10 Pieces)

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Renaissance Lute kit

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