This is the instrument for playing the music of Telemann, Handel and Vivaldi and any other composer of the Baroque period. Thomas Lot made flutes for many of the most prominent Parisian flutists of the early 18th century, including Michel Blavet, Mozart's friend Johann Baptist Wendling, and Jacques-Christophe Naudot. His instruments were also owned by many of the royal and aristocratic houses of Europe.

This Baroque Flute is a copy of an original Thomas Lot flute from 18th Century (1708-1787, Paris), with 1 brass key and Cork screw, made of Indian Cocobolo wood with imitation Ivory rings.

The pitch is A=415. please check the box. If you want 392, 405, 430 and/or 440 additional middle joints "Corps de Rechange" , it will be US$ 25 each)

Baroque Flute - Traversflöten - Transverse flute - História Barroco De La Flauta - Traverso Flauto

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Baroque Flute Thomas Lot

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