• Baroque Flute D'Almaine

With slightly bigger tone holes, this model is considered as "late version" of Baroque flute. Its for traditional Irish performance or re-creation of Victorian-era classical music and any music by Mozart, Beethoven, the Stamitz family and other composers of the 18th Century.

This is a copy of an original Baroque Flute made by D'Almaine, London from 19th Century, of Indian Cocobolo wood with imitation Ivory rings and a brass key. Comes with a Case & fingering chart. 

Excellent intonation, with thorough examination and measurement of the original instrument it's built with a commitment to both authenticity and performing quality.

The pitch is A=415. please check the box. If you want 440 and/or 430 additional middle joints "Corps de Rechange" , it will be US$ 25 each)

Baroque Flute - Traversflöten - Transverse flute - História Barroco De La Flauta - Traverso Flauto

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Baroque Flute D'Almaine

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