• Baroque Flute C. Palanca

Carlo Palanca was an active Musician and instrument maker in Turin, where he died at the  age of 95 in 1783. This is a copy of an instrument he made.

The Palanca flute possesses the most diverse tonal shades. The notes that on many baroque flutes that are usually very muted, crossfingered notes such as F, G sharp or B are especially robust and dense on this flute.

The Palanca flute can be described as a universal Baroque flute that covers a large spectrum of flute repertoire  including music by Vivaldi, Händel, and Bach. While it shares many of the sound characteristics of early 18th-century flutes it provides much of the facility of the classical flute and is an ideal flute for those experienced concert flute players wishing to take up the Baroque flute This copy is made from Cocobollo. The pitch is A=415 hz with 440 middle joint. 

Comes with a fingering chart.

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Baroque Flute C. Palanca

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