• 8 key Concert Flute in D

Concert wooden Flute in D is adapted from fine English flute of the 1800's for Irish performance or re-creation of Victorian-era classical music. This flute has the largest holes and has become a legend among flute players for its big tone. The six finger holes are all on the central section, which is longer than usual, permitting the g# key to be ideally placed. 

The Difference between D Flute  and C Flute is that the D will play in the keys D, G, Am, Bm and Em where as, C will play in the keys C, F, Gm, Am and Dm. 

This Irish flute has a tuning head joint with complete metal line inside the head joint, 8 keys (right hand Eb/D# key, right hand F key, left hand Long F key, right hand long C key, left hand thumb Bb/A# key, left little finger G#/Ab key, right little finger Low C#/Db key, right Little finger Low C key) 

Made of Indian Cocobolo wood with imitation Ivory rings.  Comes with case. 

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8 key Concert Flute in D

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