8 Course Lute - Renaissance Lute - made on the Hans Frei principle of construction of solid Rosewood staves, neck, end cap, peg box and pegs. 8 Course Lute - Renaissance Lute's soundboard is made out of Spruce with thickness of less then 2mm. Beautifully hand crafted and polished. Comes with a copy of "Lute Lessons for the Beginners", a gig bag, all in a protection crate.

All lutes are shipped de-tuned, this removes the tension on the neck to lessen the chances of accidental breakage during transit. Do not tune the lute higher then G above middle C, the bridge can be fulled off.

1) 8 course / 15 strings
2) Renaissance Lute (Alto) in G key
3) Scale length 54.5cm
4) Bowl width 31.5cm
5) Bowl height/depth 15.5cm
6) Peg box length 27cm
7) Universal peg size - 8mm going to 5mm
8) Weight 900 grams

Frets of nylon: 
Thickness: 1st 1mm - 2nd & 3rd .9mm - 4th, 5th & 6th .8mm - 7th, 8th & 9th .7mm - 4 wooden frets embedded in the sound board on same ratio.

Fret board:
9.2cm wide from bowl going to Nut at 7.2cm.

String space between the string is at 5mm

Strings are paired on 3.5mm and the space between every pair is at 4.5mm

String height on fret board:
From Nut, 6mm space between the string and fretboard - From 8th fret, 3.5 to 4mm.

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8 Course Lute

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