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CHANTER; The Blackwood Uilleann Chanter is designed to be played with the Practice Set, Half set & full set. The Blackwood Uilleann Chanter comes with two reeds and plays two octaves from Low to high D. It has 3 nickle keys which provide additional C, G# and F notes.

DRONES; Made of Blackwood in the key of D Comes with two sets of drone reeds.

TENOR REGULATOR;  The notes of the Tenor Regulator are from C above Middle C down to F# above Middle C. Comes with two reeds.

BARITONE REGULATOR; The notes of the Baritone Regulator are from A above Middle C down to D above Middle C. Comes with two reeds.

BASS REGULATOR; The notes of the Bass Regulator are from Middle C down to G below Middle C. Comes with two reeds.

  • Made of The Finest Seasoned African Blackwood
  • Natural Blackwood Finish
  •  Nickle Keys & Mounts
  • Uilleann Practice Chanter With 2 Reeds
  • Hard Carrying case
  • Black Bag Cover With Silver Fringe
  • Dual Leather Bellows, Padded Both Sides
  • Ready to play with a long-life, 100% air-tight SYNTHETIC Bag. Straight neck. Size: 28” X 11”
  • 2. Reeds for Key Chanter
  • Two sets of Synthetic Drone Reeds
  • 2.PCS Reeds for Each Regulator 
  • Booklet Learn To Play Uilleann Bagpipe By H-J-C
  • Fingering Chart

Minor differences in reeds can have a dramatic effect on how your pipes sound. Therefore, we include 2 reeds with each part.

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Uilleann Pipes Full Set, African Blackwood with 3 Key Chanter

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