• Classical Flutes D'Almaine 5 key

This Flute is a copy of a 19th Century flute from London based D'Almaine & CO. It has 5 brass keys, it is made of Indian Cocobolo wood and imitation Ivory rings. Excellent intonation is achieved by thorough, precise measurements of the original instrument.

There were several standards for "simple system" Classical flutes in the 19th century. A type of instrument that was very common in France throughout the entire 19th century was the five-key flute. In this design there is one key for each note (D#, F, G#, Bb, C.) outside the D major scale played using the normal six holes found on other common forms of wooden flute. This flute is for those that wish to play in Historically Informed Performances of late eighteenth and nineteenth century music.

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Classical Flutes D'Almaine 5 key

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